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Earth & Body friendly period care you'll love


Organic Pads with wings - Regular Absorbency

Organic Pads with wings- Super Absorbency

Organic Pads with wings - Overnight Long

Message from our Co founder

"Personal and planetary health is the center or everything I do. This is why I created Rif Care. For people who want to buy better quality products. Rif products are always plant based, better for you and better for the planet."

-Val Emanuel

Founder, mother and earth activist

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Our Promises

Natural Ingredients

Share blog posts, products, or No pesticides, chemicals or bleach. Our period products are made with only pesticide and chlorine free natural fiber.

Made Responsibly

Smart choices today = a better planet tomorrow. Our products are made using only bio based materials.


Our Products are supporting farming and agriculture practices that are restoring our land, leaving it even better than before we got there.


Rif aims to be carbon neutral by design, rather than by offsetting. Check our impact and certifications here.