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Our Philosophy

By using hemp in our products and only plant based materials, Rif is carbon neutral by design, rather than by offsetting. We avoid ingredients that are petrol based like Polyester and Super absorbent polymers (SAP).


Why Hemp Fiber?

Regenerative, organically grown hemp fiber is what we use in our top sheet. Instead of wasting this agricultural by product we turn it into premium period care. We pay fair trade for our fiber, supporting farmers and making ethical supply chain a reality from start to finish.


Women Founder and Operated

We designed comfortable, breathable pads because we know what it’s like to experience discomfort on your period. Rif is by women for the people and in support of menstruators

Sustainable Feminine Hygiene Products

Beyond Sustainable

Our product increases soil biodiversity at our farms, and sequesters carbon while we’re at it.

Rif Care Hemp Pads Certifications