About Us | Rif Care

At Rif Care we make period and wellness products that make you feel like your best self. We believe high quality ingredients are integral for a healthy reproductive system.

Our inputs are grown without chemicals, making them better for our long term health and the planet.

Four years ago I went through a major life change. I went to a holistic doctor who checked my hormone and heavy metal levels after I was sick, had a failed pregnancy, and had a consistent PH imbalance for a year that caused a litany of problems. I had to detox my body from heavy metals and get my hormones back in balance and I wanted to choose the most natural route to get there.

After consulting a holistic doctor and scouring the internet for better-for-you products, I decided to change my lifestyle; getting rid of most of my makeup and personal care and swapping for clean versions. Everything from makeup to period products had to be checked for toxic ingredients and be tossed if they were hormone-disrupting (90% of them were awful!). I realized that there was not a single organic period care brand that I felt connected to or that felt comfortable and effective. I wanted to start my own brand, but I knew cotton was going through major issues. I had the idea to start a reusable pads company made with hemp, but I knew with reusables adoption was low. A few years later in 2020, I had the idea to make disposable menstrual pads with hemp fiber. I emailed 200 factories and got 200 N-Os! They said it was impossible and the processing capabilities didn't exist yet. Jump to August 2021 when we received our first angel investment and I bought on my best friend as co-founder Rebecca Caputo. Two months later we got our prototype of the hemp fiber pad, and 8 months later in June of 2022, we launched Rif Care.

Rif Care is a wellness company that makes period care out of hemp fiber. We focus on providing safe and non-hormone-disrupting cycle care solutions for women. We are a 100% BIPOC women-owned small business. Every purchase of Rif helps our mission of lowering our carbon footprint, one period at a time. Thank you!