Where are your pads made? 

We manufacture our hemp pads in China. The proprietary blend of regenerative hemp and organic cotton fibers we use are sourced from biodynamic farms in Turkey. All period products are FDA approved. 

How do your period underwear work?

We make leakproof underwear to act as another solution for your bleed.

Period underwear are made as an everyday solution, but most people love them for sleep or exercise as an easier solution to pads and tampons.

They work by absorbing up to 2 tampons or pads worth of blood during your period.

If you are a heavy bleeder, they can be used as backup for pads, tampons or cups or changed for a new pair or method after a few hours of wear.

If you are a light bleeder we recommend changing every 12 hours to avoid leaks.

Period underwear are also amazing for people with pain like vulvadinia and vaginismus. People with vulvadinia and vaginismus can wear our pads as they are non irritating, but period underwear are also a solution for people going through these situations.

Where are your tampons made?

We manufacture our 100% organic tampons in Spain. The organic cotton is sourced from biodynamic farms in Turkey. Absolutely zero plastic is used to create our digital tampons. All our period products are FDA approved. 

Why do you use hemp in your pads?

Hemp is better for our bodies and our planet. Hemp fiber is highly absorbent and has naturally antimicrobial and antifungal properties. This means it grows without pesticides and harsh chemicals. This crop helps fight climate change because it can sequester carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and trap it in its roots to create nutrient rich soil. Our hemp is upcycled too! Meaning we are able to create premium period care products with the bast fibers left over from hemp oil production. 

Do you use Titanium Dioxide in your period products?

We do not use any titanium dioxide in our period products. Titanium dioxide is a known carcinogen that doesn’t belong inside or around your vagina. 

How long does it take to biodegrade? 

Our pads and tampons take about 6 months to biodegrade naturally. A great improvement from legacy brands that take anywhere from 500-800 years! We use plant-based materials without any plastic in our products to ensure that it is good for the environment.

Where can I buy Rif care products IRL? 

We list all of the retailers we are currently in on our “Retailers” page 


What does Rif mean?

Rif stands for Regenerative International Female. 

What inspired you?

Rif was created by a team of women to provide reliable period and wellness products that are better for our bodies and our planet. We were inspired by our own personal wellness journeys and decided that we deserved to have products that didn’t pollute our Earth and disrupt our hormones. 


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