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Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons Super Absorbency



These super absorbency tampons are made with 100% organic certified cotton! Available for a limited time, while supplies are available. Each order comes with 14 applicator tampons and 1 black Rif Care carrying case. 

100% Certified Organic Cotton - Rif Care's organic cotton tampons are made with certified organic cotton, grown with the strictest standards and independently certified 

100% Recyclable Applicator - Rif Care's BPA-free recyclable plastic applicator 

100% Comfortable - Rif Care's commitment to creating comfortable products for our cycle. 

Super absorbency tampons can hold 9-12 g of blood. Only use tampons for the time you need, maximum of 8 hours of leak-proof protection. 


Organic Tampon - 100% organic cotton core, 100% organic cotton string, 100% organic cotton no-shed security veil,

Tampon applicator - BPA-free recycled plastic applicatorPA-free and 100% recyclable! 

Tampon wrapper - 100% recyclable Aluminum wrapper


Rif Care will soon we are moving to a biodegradable applicator, so grab these before they are gone! Only available online on our website.