Gifting back Organic period

care to people in need this holiday season!

Techstars impact has been one of the most important steps we ever took in our business! As we close this chapter, we know that it is not really over, we are Techstars_ for life!

Things we accomplished while at Techstars

- We got into 40 doors and are launching into those new retailers over the Spring, growing our retailers to almost 100!

- We got FSA and HSA certified, helping us to be able to get more B2B clients on Amazon and our website as as qualified health care product company.

- We won the Audience Choice Award at the premiere expo for consumer packaged goods.

- We got into national distribution that allows us to grow nationally with UNFI

We are now fundraising and open to conversations and introductions to consumer focused investment groups and also angel investors. If you would like to get in touch about investing, please contact us with the form below or at

Do you want to see Rif Care in stores? Click this link to request us in a store near you!

Thank you!

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