Educate to Empower the girl child.

Educating women and climate change

Women’s reproductive health and climate change go hand in hand. Here’s why.

Reproductive rights and climate change

Our thoughts on Roe V Wade and womens rights

Juneteenth: Freedom and Opportunity!

Ocean Drive celebrates black entrepreneurs in this article celebrating Juneteenth!

Menstrual Products- Rifcare

Our feature in Parade mag

Did you used to think pads sucked? We did too!

Hemps; Regenerative Crops

Hemp - the Queen of crops

Hemp cant be beat. Here’s four reasons why.

There’s a tampon shortage

There’s a shortage of tampons that no one is talking about…

My (horrible) first period!

My first period was awful, hilarious and unforgettable!!

Supply chain issues any one?

How did this happen? Did all the world’s most notorious thieves band together and decide tampons had to go? Did every American woman’s collective blood flow increase tenfold? How is it that we are being deprived of a necessity?


Speaking up about things that are uncomfortable to discuss.

Motherhood talk - Period edition

Being open and honest with our children for the win.

My (impressive) sex toy collection

Happy masturbation May! Let’s talk self pleasure and sex toys.

I got my period back!

I got my period back again after amenorrhea and I’m damn happy about it