Gifting back Organic period

care to people in need this holiday season!

A 'Normal' menstrual cycle

A 'Normal' menstrual cycle

You know when you go to the doctor and they ask you when your last period was? The reason this is the first question they ask you is because that information is extremely important.

Happy Galentines day lovers!

Happy Galentines day lovers!

Oh... and valentines day. After we barely survived the Holiday season, consumerism comes and rears its ugly head again. Not meaning to sound negative, but it seems like Valentines day...
PFAs: What You need to know

PFAs: What You need to know

PFAs- what you need to know about the 'forever chemicals'
Getting back my mental sanity.

Mental health after toxic relationships

5 tips after a breakup to improve your mental health

Techstars Partnership- Rif care

We made it into Techstars ATL!

We got into the business accelerator Powered by Cox Enterprises announces its 2023 class!

Excess Estrogen on our health

Do you have excess estrogen?

Did you know certain foods can help draw out excess estrogen in the body? We have a few tips here!

Vaginal Gas Emission

Queef- and the Kegel

Can we stop making fun of women for queuing already?

Urinary Infection

Why oh why do I have a UTI ?!?

When our bodies experience a Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) it means that we have a bacterial infection. But Why does it happen? One major myth is female only have this. Well, I'm here to let you know MEN do have UTI. 

Menstrual Period- Rif Care

What your period blood is actually telling you

Did you know the different hues of brown, pink and red can tell you a lot about the health of your body??

Knowing your Female body - Rif care

Do you know your GYNO?

The average person spends 15 minutes in their gynos office. This is not enough…

SEX; Just the way I like it!

The best way to ask for what you want in bed…

Speak up: How to ask for what you want in bed

Regularly used Body System Disruptors

What are endocrine disruptors?

Endocrine disruptors and how you can avoid them