Gifting back Organic period

care to people in need this holiday season!

Menstrual Period; natural or gross?

The craziest things men think about periods!

A list is a rather painful misconception men have had about my vagina!

Self care diaries: Eat, sleep, repeat

Self care diaries: Eat, sleep, repeat

I have not always had the easiest periods but I am learning how to cope.

Orgasms: To Fake or Not to Fake

Orgasms: To Fake or Not to Fake

Fake it till you make it! Unless we are talking about Orgasms…

Environmental friendly Menstrual Pads

The TEA on titanium dioxide in tampons

Is titanium dioxide really all that harmful?

Menstrual period pads - RIFCARE

My horrendous period story!

School and periods don’t mix. Well, not for me anyway!

The 9 Best Forms of Self Care

The 9 Best Forms of Self Care

9 self care habits you can implement all month long!

Should I exercise on my period?

A few tips for working out when Aunt Flo is in town

Healthy plant based menstrual pads

Period waste; The Problem Rif is Solving

Billions of pads and tampons end up in landfills every year. How many of them are biodegradable?

My (horrible) first period!

My first period was awful, hilarious and unforgettable!!

Supply chain issues any one?

How did this happen? Did all the world’s most notorious thieves band together and decide tampons had to go? Did every American woman’s collective blood flow increase tenfold? How is it that we are being deprived of a necessity?

Hygienic Period Pads

These toxic ingredients could be lurking in your period products!

These toxic chemicals could be lurking in your feminine hygiene products

Self Care

Self Love On V Day

Self love and self pleasure with founder Val Emanuel