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Lingering questions on menopause

Why the F* is my period late? 😡

Is your moon off? Pregnancy? Hormones? Weight?

The 9 Best Forms of Self Care

The 9 Best Forms of Self Care

9 self care habits you can implement all month long!

Should I exercise on my period?

A few tips for working out when Aunt Flo is in town

Healthy plant based menstrual pads

Period waste; The Problem Rif is Solving

Billions of pads and tampons end up in landfills every year. How many of them are biodegradable?

Menstrual Cycle luteal phase hormone imbalance

Help! PMDD is ruining my life

I got diagnosed with extreme PMS. This is what I am doing about it

Reproductive rights and climate change

Our thoughts on Roe V Wade and womens rights

Juneteenth: Freedom and Opportunity!

Ocean Drive celebrates black entrepreneurs in this article celebrating Juneteenth!

My (horrible) first period!

My first period was awful, hilarious and unforgettable!!

Hygienic Period Pads

These toxic ingredients could be lurking in your period products!

These toxic chemicals could be lurking in your feminine hygiene products

Menstrual Hemp Pads- Rif Care

Tampons vs. Pads: How to Decide Which is Right For You

To help you decide which is right for you, we broke down the pros and cons of both options, but remember: ultimately, the decision is yours.
Menstrual Hemp Pads- Rif Care

Rif, The Worlds first Hemp Fiber Period Products!

Coming soon… Hemp period products! You read that right… 2022 we are taking on the feminine hygiene industry. Last year we began production on Rif period products. We have been...