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care to people in need this holiday season!

Tell us a bit about yourself and where you are from!
My name is Stephanie Martinez-James. I am Mexican Indigenous, currently living in Arizona.
How were periods talked about in your family growing up?
Culturally menstruation is not discussed. You probably find out about it at school or tv. It’s seen as something that you dread and often perceived as dirty, something to be ashamed of.
Would you consider your cycle normal?
Currently I am 10 month’s postpartum and breastfeeding so my cycle is irregular. Before that I was regular on the timing but had extremely bad cramps and I believe endometriosis as well. When I found out about cycle syncing and seed cycling my periods drastically improved.
How have you changed the narrative on how you see your body and your womanhood?
I had to undo a lot of conditioning around my cycle and body. For most of my life I carried a lot of shame and grief around this aspect of my life. When I got pregnant and had my son is when everything changed. Without my menstrual cycle I would have not been able to conceive. Menstruation is sacred and I believe our bodies are temples that we should celebrate. I also believe womb healing has been monumental for me in reclaiming my womanhood. I think this should really should begin with educating our younger girls about the miracle and beauty in our bodies and all it does for us. Including shedding every month.
What would you tell your younger self about your womb healing journey?
I would tell my younger self there is so much magic in our menstruation. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start every month. It allows my body to detox and release. There is no need to hide or shame such a natural part of being a woman, despite what society claims. 
What is your fave Rif Care product?
My fave Rif product is def the period underwear. They are so comfortable I could wear them all day. I look forward to my bleed to wear these.
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